in which i recount five days of awesomeness

First I'd like to say THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to Olivia @ Horsefeathers for this amazing new design. It's beautiful, although the button is still the old one. Oh well :)

Anyways, this post is going to be in pictures recounting my awesome Saddleback trip. We brought my friend Lucy, and our other friend Anna met us up there yesterday, and XanFan who I'll just refer to as X, met his friends Seb and Finn up there as well. 
So firstly, I'll show you the screen shots of my facebook statuses that I was able to post using my mom's iPhone and then get ready for lots of pics :)

This is Larry....he's Lucy and X's jazz band mascot.

Larry in my ski helmet :)

Walter, Lucy's amazing penguin hat. 
Choosing what chairlift to go up.

The view from Red Devil

Another view. 
Lucy on Red Devil.

At the top of the mountain, from left to right, me, Lucy, X, Finn, and Seb.

In the Intimidator glades.

Glades are so pretty!

And so much fun to ski too!

This was another great glade that we skied.

Looking back at the pass before heading into the woods.

The boys would like me to stop taking pictures now and start skiing.

But I had to take just one more....

That's me, master of the double diamonds!

Larry at the top of the mountain.

Because Lucy and I are SO totally expert.... 
Lucy and my mom work their way down the top of Tight Line. 
And we decide to sit down and rest.

What can I say? The views are stunning!

Lucy has the best pajamas...

At the very very very top. 

It was an awesome week :)


Lucy said...

Tight Line is the grossest, most awful and terrible slug on the planet.

Olivia said...

LOVING the new design! Wish I knew how to ski... It looks so fun!


hayley said...

I cannot get over how amazing your blog design is!! :D

Sally said...

Lucy-'ve told me several times....

Olivia- Yes it is very fun, and thanks!

Hayley- I know right? I get back from skiing and I find an email from Lucy that says 'OMG GET OVER TO YOUR BLOG ASAP' and I get this nice surprise of this lovely sprig design. The header is probably my all time favorite.