Birthday Part One

Tomorrow is my 15th birthday!!!! 
I'm really excited despite the annoying fact that it's the first day back to school after our lovely vacation. Anyway. Yesterday, four friends, Anna, Lucy, Isabella and Hannah, came over to celebrate a bit. We had a very good, but extremely LOUD (*cough* lucy *cough* anna *cough*) time. 
Here are some pictures:

First, my mom made me a very very yummy chocolate and mint chocolate glazed cake, upon my Of course, once the cake was all baked and cooled, I just had to do some treble clef fashion.

After dinner we played a great game of Apples to Apples, and wonders of wonders....look what won THIS round:

Isabella ended up winning overall with Hannah coming in second. We had fun :)

Today i'm going to go and see the movie True Grit with Olivia, and tomorrow it's back to school.


Shelley said...

Happy early 15th Birthday Sally! Hope it's a great one! I just turned 15 last week! :) I guess you're going to have to change your about me section to 15 years old!

~Abby~ said...

The cake is freaking suh-weet!!
I play the clarinet:)
Thanks for following..I'm following you too:)


Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(early) happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday, so we could party too!! (-emperors new groove Cartoon. :D)

Sounds awesome! And I LOVE how you decorated the cake!