Oh Please...

Goodness gracious I need a break. No, not from blogger, I just got off that break, but a break from the regular, tiring, day to day work. 
Thankfully, February vacation is fast approaching.
Unfortunately, Friday at 1:50pm can NOT come soon enough.
I need a break from getting up at five-thirty.
I need some just easy relaxing time- my last three weekends can't even be considered weekends.

I need a week without bio homework.
A week without getting yelled at in band.
A week without taking notes in history.
A week without gym torture.
A week without the english class that makes me want to rip my hair out.
A week without passé composé in french.
A week without tedious geometry proofs.
Yes, I could really use a week off.

I need a week filled with skiing up at Saddleback,
spending the day, carving up the slopes,
taking stunning pictures from the top,
drinking hot chocolate by a huge fireplace,
conquering the awesome terrain park,
doing moguls with XanFan and his friend.
And the nights, spent in comfy sweatpants and cozy shirts,
eating hot pasta and pizza at a local restaurant,
doing some arranging on my laptop,
playing board games with the family.

And the weekends filled with friends,
and no homework to be done,
maybe hanging with Hannah Marie and our friend Serena this weekend,
before heading up north, and when we return,
a couple of fun-filled days before we return to school,
on my 15th birthday.

Oh, how I wish it was Friday, instead of only Tuesday!
Oh how I long for vacation!

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