Summer Endings and Beginnings

It's that time of summer when things are starting to end and wrap up.
Summer, before school starts, will be over in a couple weeks.
Our long days of sunshine shorten with each turn of the earth,
The weather starts to cool- or not. One day it feels like fall, the next the height of July.
Summer freedom starts to fly away as you remember all of your assigned reading and other homework.
It's getting to be that time where things are ending and the joys of summer slip away one by one.
Soon the flowers of spring and summer will dry up and wither away for the winter.

But I suppose it's OK that summer is slowly leaving because it means new things are to come.
In just over a week I'll be back with the marching band for our 2011 season, my third season with the band. The Planets in '09, Pat Metheny in '10 and I'm pumped for a great fall with this year's show 'The Music of Trevor Rabin' featuring selections from National Treasure and Remember The Titans.
Of course with the end of summer and the coming of marching band means the beginning of fall, my favorite season. And with fall, and August 31, comes the start of my sophomore year of high school. 
Much as I groan and grumble about the beginning of the school year, I am excited to some extent. I've got some great new classes: AP United States History, Honors Math III, French III, Honors English 10, Honors Chemistry, and Wind Ensemble. Not to mention marching band, jazz band, this year's musical, and the Florida trip with the band in February. While I will most certainly be missing some people, friends who transferred for 10th grade, last year's 8th graders who aren't going to my high school for freshman year, and my now post-grad friends now starting college, I think it will be a good year.

I'm hanging onto summer for as long as possible.

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Kels said...

Oh my! Those flower shots are gorgeous! You should enter one in my photo challenge/giveaway.

I'm going to miss summer too. But I can't wait for Autumn to begin!!