I'm A Vampire Lobster

do not use spray sunscreen as your base sunscreen layer.

I guess I should start at the beginning...
At midnight last night my family left or house and began our trip down to New Jersey as we do every August. The trip went very smoothly except for a bunch of constrcution in Massachusetts but whatever. It didn't slow us down much. My leg of the journey went well too and my driving was just fine. (Yay me)
We arrived here in Cape May around 9:30am and were on the beach by noon.
It was a great beach day! I hadn't been to the beach yet this year because I've been away so much and I was really starting to miss that salt water.
I spent most of that long beach day in the water where my dear brother decided it would be a lot of fun to constantly attack me....and also in my beach chair reading a very good book.

Now unfortunately for me, I used spray sunscreen as my first sunscreen application of the day. What I didn't know is that you should use cream as your base coat and the spray or cream to re-apply.
Basically my five or six hours in direct sunlight with spray sunscreen was not very good for me.
We came back from the cottage, took showers and as I was canging I saw myself in the mirror.

My skin is not the least bit attractive at the moment, let me tell you. It is all mottled between two colors:

Half of me looks like a very pale vampire, while the other half looks like an overcooked lobster.

And it's mottled, so I like have a burn on my arm and a couple random pearly white circles in the middle of it.
It is very strange.
I do not like it very much at all.


(other than that my day way very nice, thank you very much for asking) 

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