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Tomorrow is the day I having been waiting for for a very very long time. Since last November to be exact. 
Well...there's this thing....called marching band...and I'm sorta kinda really into it....more like an obsession......and OH MY GOODNESS THE 2011 SEASON STARTS TOMORROW AND I JUST CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!

I got that out.
I am calm now. I am cool, calm and collected.
Anyways, marching band starts tomorrow and I've been preparing for it a lot recently. I've memorized most of the music, I'm totally pumped for the season, and my chalk and soap are ready to mark sets out on the parking lot. I am prepared to have a truly excellent season - my third totally awesome season. It's my third year with the marching band and I honestly think I become more and more excited with each passing year. I wonder what I'll be like before my senior year....
Two years ago our music was Holst's 'The Planets' and last year 'The Music of Pat Metheny'. This year we're going to be doing some movie music based on the film scores of Trevor Rabin. Specifically, music from the movies 'National Treasure' and 'Remember the Titans'.

(One of the awesome themes from National Treasure is the chase music which is used several times in the score)

^^ Listen, it really is quite exciting.

I guess with all that being said, all I can say is-
Marching band,

i'm ready!


MaryRachel said...

Which instrument do you play in your marching band? Oh I love (the music in) those movies! It just gives you that feeling that makes you want to do something extremely adventurous(:

MaryRachel said...

Ooh! You play the trumpet?! (I just read your "about me" :P)

Sally said...

Yup, I'm an avid trumpet player - it's my main instrument although I'm very good at some others too. I love the music from these movies too! It's great for marching band because it's so fast-paced and driving. It just builds excitement really well :)