Bye-Bye Summer, Hello Sophomore

It's official. Summer is over, school has begun, and I am a sophomore. And you know what? So far it's not that bad. On our first day, sophomores, juniors, and seniors come for the first half of the day, and freshmen come the second half so we high schoolers only have a half day which is pretty cool.
When I got to the school the first thing we did was take school pictures and get our schedules and lockers and turn in all of our paperwork before we sat in the auditorium and listened to our principle talk. And our assistant principle talk. And the police officer talk. And the guidence director, and the athletic director, and our advisors.
A lot of talking was done. And it was pretty much the same thing they told us a million times last year except now we were adressed as sophomores. Yay.....
After all the talking and logistics were straightened out we got to run a mini schedule of all eight blocks (we have four each day, and each are 85 minutes) which today were only eight minutes long. All my classes seem really good and pretty challenging, and I know that they are really tough classes because almost all of them require special teacher recomendations to get into. I seem to have good teachers though, and it seems like the classes will be of some interest. On one day (red days) I'll have Advanced Placement United States History (from now on reffered to as APUSH-college level course), Real Life (1st semester) and Health (2nd semester), Honors Chemistry (junior/senior honors), and French III. On my other day (white days) I'll have Honors Math III (honors junior), Wind Ensemble, Chemistry Lab/Study Hall, and Honors English 10.
Now one of the interesting things last year that I did was at the beginning of the year I wrote a quick first impression of each teacher and each class, and at the end of the year I did a comparison on that and how I actually like the year and I thought I would do that again :)

Wow. Seems like a really tough class, but the teacher seems good, and I think I will be learning a lot and that it should be pretty interesting as I DO enjoy history.

Real Life
Everyone says this class is really boring and useless, but I think the teacher is nice enough and he was talking about some cool stuff we'd be doing. Seems easy but pretty fun overall.

Honors Chemistry
I'm excited for this class! I love chem and I'm good at it too so...I like the teacher, she certainly is a talker, and she seems to know her stuff. Personally I think it will be easier than honors biology last year.

French III
Same teacher....pretty much same class....continuation on last year probably. (aka more French boredom)

Honors Math III
Not sure about my teacher, she's a bit...crazy. I hope this class is really good though, I've had really good math classes the past two years and I hope I learn lots! Thank goodness for more algebra and not trig!

Wind Ensemble
YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! BAND!!!!! I'm so happy to be in wind ensemble this year and not concert band because wind ensemble plays really good music and my director says he's got some great stuff picked out so I can't wait for our first real class.

Honors English
I think this will be a really good English class - much much MUCH better than last year. My teacher seems really great and funny, and has a good class layout. Yay for English!

Well, there you have it. Back to school tomorrow for a full day and then a four day weekend - YES! Anyone else have their first day today? How'd it go?

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Emma said...

I'm a freshman this year, and I really don't like it. Yet. I like my classes but I'm just having a really rough first week back.... at least I get a new episode of my favorite TV show tonight! ;)
Are you doing marching band?