So....I like to talk. I enjoy it very much.
My friends say I'm a really good listener, and I guess I can listen fine, but I really like to talk.
Which is why I was not very happy at all when I woke up this morning and couldn't utter a sound.
My voice has been scratchy and cracky for a couple of days and it was evidentially leading up to this. Sigh.
I guess being sick for a few days plus epic raucous singing on the bus back home from auditions on Friday can do this to you...

Anyway, it was really weird not being able to talk....
It made things a little difficult talking to my teachers and explaining why I was absent last Thursday and Friday, and when I had to be fitted for formal wear for wind ensemble, well, that was an adventure. The parents kept telling me not to whisper, that I should be proud about being a size two, not be ashamed. I wanted to tell them that, no, being a size two is quite fine by me and I was whispering because I couldn't talk, but of course I couldn't because they couldn't hear me. :P

When I got home though, I had a bunch of work to do so not talking wasn't a problem.
I first started by choosing my music. I was in the mood for some Haydn today so I put on a CD with his Horn Concerto no. 1 in D major (LOVE), Harpsicord Concerto in D major, Double Concerto in F major for Violin and Piano, and Trumpet Concerto in E flat major. They were very nice pieces to listen to while working, and after listening to that I ended up putting on some Mozart. Classical musical geek, that's me.

One thing I had to do to study for my APUSH test tomorrow was to make about a million flashcards....they took me forever.

I also had to finish this satire poster in which I satirize Americans eating habits....that was fun. And my poster turned out great too!

Oh, I really hope my voice is back tomorrow, it's been a stressful day without it.....


Jennoelle said...

Aww, that stinks. :( Losing your voice is no fun, so I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sapphire Tigress ☽ said...

Nice poster!! :) I'll send you the link to my video if you want... once I get it on Youtube... which might take a few hours to upload...

Emily said...

Yay! Another music lover! It totally stinks losing your voice--it makes things 10 times more difficult.

Emily @