gold medals, halloween, hiatus

very very quick post.

first of all, WE GOT A GOLD MEDAL AT MBDA MARCHING BAND FINALS. it was a totally epic show, and i'm loving walking around school with my three gold medals today. i love being in the marching band...and the jingly clanking sound that they make is very happy and bright. go gold!

today is halloween, and we just made SLIME in chemistry class. it was awesome. i <3 slime.
tonight i'm going as katniss everdeen from the hunger games and i'm going trick or treating with anna, lucy, and mackenzie :)
bwahaha. who says we high schoolers aren't allowed to trick or treat?

also, tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo!!!! because this month will be completely devoted to my noveling pursuits, i will only be posting weekly updates on this blog. so, every tuesday, look for a novel update....and maybe even an excerpt! click on the button on the sidebar to view my page to see how i'm doing and become my writing buddy if you're writing this month too.



Susan Kane said...

Good luck on the coming month of writing! I look forward to seeing your updates!

Katie Krinkleberry said...

I'm doing NaNoWriMo too! :D That is so awesome tat you got a gold medal. :/ I had to take a break from band this year ick. I miss my beloved band! (I'm a First chair trumpet player BTW)
P.S. on NaNo, i'm pen naming under D.M. Lansberry. :) I'll be adding you to my buddie list.