Off To All-State

Hey everyone! I'm typing this while sitting on a bus to Augusta with ten other band geeks for jazz all-state auditions. I'm really excited, I've been preparing for this audition since March and I just want to go in, have fun with the audition and hopefully get in. 

For the audition we have to play two major scales, a chromatic scale from low F sharp to high C, sightreading, and then the tune Sweet Georgia Brown, the etude to the same chord changes, and improv, so it's a pretty intense audition. This is the etude:

It's really fun actually. Very swing, very playable. It almost just plays itself which is pretty cool. Anyway I'm excited - Wish me luck! :)

PS- Jenny says "hi blog!"

*UPDATE* I'm on the way back from my audition - and it went really really well. I'm a very happy girl right now. Can't wait for results on Monday :)


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