The Epitome of Monday

I hate Mondays. I hate them.

Last Friday was a good day, all dressed up and ready for our marching band competition on Saturday. It was fairly warmish too, so I was able to dress in a more summery-fall fashion, with nice sandals and a floaty blue skirt. 
Then Saturday came, and with it, the rain. It didn't stop us from practicing the rain for two and a half hours before moving to the gym for the last bit. (We would have done the whole practice outside, but the show was going to be indoors because of the rain so we had to prep for that.)
The show itself was really fun for an indoor show! We stood in this one GIANT horn arc around the edges of the gym and had the colorguard stand in the middle which actually had a really cool effect. Now, we are the biggest band in the division, with 86 band members and 52 of them in hornline. (Remember, this is Maine....) And if that many people can make a huge wall of sound out on a field, just imagine for a moment the amount of sound we produce inside of a gym. Yeah....that's a lot of sound. We literally made people jump when we played our first note. It was awesome. And when it came time for awards, we found out that we had gotten 4 stars (FOUR STAHHHHS!) in all captions, which was a really really good score for this point in the season. We have three more shows to get up to all five stars so we are looking really good. Go marching band! And the celebratory late-night Friendly's run was good as always.
Yesterday was church and Olivia's birthday party which was very fun. We went to see the movie Dream House, which is sad and creepy but a really good movie. Dinner, presents, and cake followed and were very good too.
So it was an excellent weekend.  
And then came today.

Today just started out badly. With cold and tiredness. School was not much better. I was given about a million projects and a ton of homework and the school was literally freezing cold. I was shivering all day long and had goosebumps all over. 
Now onto a doctor's appointment and that evil homework.

I hate these Mondays. Grr.

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