Going for the Gold

One more week.
Ten or more hours of ensemble practice.
Countless hours of the music and drill running through my brain.

Welcome to finals week.

When once again, I become caught up in an even more constant stream of marching band, to fix every single little detail so that it is completely flawless.

Sometimes, our band is so caught up in being perfect, it scares me just a bit. Winning is so ingrained into our thought process that any other outcome is just not there. We know what we need to do in this next week, and we're on the right track now, after scoring very very well at last night's show.

The standard that we must meet.

Probably the most important thing to our band director, the thing that we must uphold at all costs.

The only thinkable outcome, the one we must achieve to fully have had a successful season.

 I welcome myself now, into a very crazy week as we go for the gold.

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