'Tis The Season!

Ahhh. Thanksgiving is over, November 2010 is soon to be history, and the holiday season is approaching fast! Why do I love this time of year? Let me spell it out....

1. It's Advent!

Hope, Peace, Love & Joy
and of course, the Christ candle.
I love seeing the Advent candles lit and their stories told every year.
My favorite part of the Christmas season though, is the Christmas Eve services. They are always so pretty with all the candles and quiet readings and songs. Me love.

2. Secrets and Surprises

Yeah...I live opening presents as much as the next person, but really, I enjoy planning for what I'm going to give others a lot more. I really like doing gifts for my family and friends and I love to watch them being opened. Surprises are so much fun!!!

3. Cookie Day

One of the great traditions in my Dad's side of the family is to get together one Saturday and simply bake cookies all day! It's great fun and I can't wait for it on Saturday!

4. Holiday Party

One of the other things my family has done each year (Except last year because of my mom being in school and stuff and having no time...) is host a holiday party. We invite a bunch of people over, cook some yummy snacks and...PARTY!!!!!!! Who doesn't like the sound of that?

5. Christmas Pageant

Another church tradition is the kid's Christmas pageant. I've assistant directed for the past two years after many many many years in the actual pageant. We've used the same pageant for many years though and it was getting old so last year my associate pastor and I sat down and, well, wrote a new one which I will be directing. :)
I'm very pleased with it. It's called 'So You Think You Know The Christmas Story'.
It's funny, and will be great.
Here's a snapshot of part of one scene...enjoy!

Scene Four: Angel Conference 

Narrator 2: So what happens next?

Narrator 1: Take a guess, I bet you can figure it out!

Narrator 2: Um....Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem?

Donkey: Don't forget me! I went too!

Narrator 1: Hang on donkey. The reason we left you out is that Luke says nothing about a donkey. But, I guess you can come along if you want. 

All participants (Excluding littlest angels) sing 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem'
Narrator 2: Well, it says that this scene is about an angel conference. Does that mean that Gabriel is going to tell everybody that they are going to have a baby?

Narrator 1: No, it's more like a meeting. Would you like to call it to order?


Angels all file in to the center of the chancel except for Gabriel
Angel 1: Well, since it seems that Gabriel is running late from one of his important errands, 

Angel 2: Let's have some entertainment while we wait.

Littlest Angels file up and sing 'Go Tell It On The Mountain'

Angel 3: That was really great. And Gabriel still isn't back!

Angel 4: Well, let's discuss. Why is it always Gabriel who gets to deliver all of the good news?

Angel 5: Yesterday, I was sent to deliver bad news. 

Angel 1:  I had to deliver bad news too. A few days ago, I had to go tell a town that someone poisoned all of their avocados!

Angel 2: I think it's because we're girls.

Angel 3: The Angel Office is completely prejudiced! 

Angel 4: We should go on strike!

Angel 5: Gabriel will just have to give in to us.

All angels: YEAH!

Angels grab signs from side that say 'No more bad news!' and 'We want good news!' and begin to chant the same.

Gabriel enters
Gabriel: What is going on in here?

Angels: No more bad news, we want good news!

Gabriel: Oh. You're on strike again. Holy cow! What is it this time?

Cow: Moo.

Angel 1: We're tired of always sending the bad news to people.

Angel 2: Yeah, you get to send all the good news because you're a boy!

Gabriel: OK....calm down. I have a message to deliver tonight to some shepherds. You can all come if you want.

What is YOUR favorite part(s) of the holidays? Comment with your answer!


Hayhay said...

I like the music, the weather, the decorations, the month, hanging out with family and friends, having my cookie party, and celebrating Jesus! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Great list! :D