Just An Update (Because I Have The Time)'s not really me......I'm really not posting this.......
But yeah I am. I'm not back, but I decided to just do a little more than a quick update, 'cause I've got the time.

It's gonna be random, folks.
So marching band is over, we have our banquet, in a couple weeks, and jazz band has started! Elr√°nia and I have been working hard on When You Believe for December 12th.
Also pit band will be starting soon for our school's production of Les Miserables which is ohsoexciting.
Next weekend is our church's annual church fair in which I will be complimenting the atmosphere with lovely Christmas tunes on my trumpet.
And speaking of my trumpet, Wednesday was my one year anniversary of buying it!!!!!! I love you pretty's to many more years together!
In the school world, we finished our first quarter one week ago. Honor roll for me :)
We had our 3rd biology test today on 'evidence of evolution and speciation' and it took me a whole two hours to complete. Love biology, my teacher's awesome, despise the tests.
So not looking forward to my final and SAT at the end of the year.
In gym today we played with basketballs, with apparently are little balls of evil static energy. Seriously, I picked one up, it gave me a major shock and my hair went POOF! Sigh.....
I've added the holiday playlist at the bottom, so enjoy the new tunes! If there's a favorite song that I'm missing, don't hesitate to tell me in a comment. :)

So I was feeling I did this video....on Photobooth...and it's pretty funny and random.
It's not long but you'll want to pause my playlist and turn your computer's volume up high, otherwise it might get hard to understand.

So I'm going to go now and play a little on my cornet.
I miss my cornet :'(
It's so sad because it never gets played since I got my loverly Xeno.
Poor cornet.
At least you live on it my name. ;)
Have a lovely night and weekend!

...yeah...i'm hyper...halloween candy overdose....


[Laurea] said...

CORNET! Yay, you updated us! :)

So, firstly:
fkjghugdhg YOURE DOING LES MIS? Lucky! I wish our school did, but we don't have enough boys to participate. :( :( :(

About Harry Potter: I actually have the opportunity to go to the premiere of the movie! My dad is somehow related with one of the companies that made it, so I will be able to go to NYC the day before it opens and see it! Too bad my dad won't take me, though. :(


Sparks fly said...

Hahaha funny random video! Good luck on NaNOWriMo

Kendra said...

Haha! It's too bad my computer won't load videos. :P

By the way, I’m new to your blog! I’d love it if you stopped by mine here: