all in all, way too much

Yes I love to write.

But I didn't realize how much it was really going to take out of me, or how stressful NaNoWriMo was really going to be.

And I can't be stressed out. 

If I get stressed out I won't sleep well, my work won't be of my best quality, I won't be able to advance in my trumpet playing, and there's a high possibility that I'll get sick.

And I hate being sick. Especially since I'm prone to coming down with really nasty stuff like pneumonia and swine flu.
Besides, my story was all in all WAY too depressing. I'll probably work on it still, a little here a little there, and post it on Anecdote. 

But with my schedule, my amount of homework, 50,000 words in one month was starting to push me over the edge in just a few days. 

All in all, way too much.

Maybe you'll think I'm a quitter, but I really can't stress myself out like that. I need to stay in top condition....for as long as possible. 

So good luck to all of you still going strong!

(This also means I'm back to blogging)

Forget this post. It grabbed me again. I'm not back til December. I'm finishing.


Hannah said...

Well, I give you tons of credit for attempting it in the first place! I'm so glad your back to blogging!

[Laurea] said...

Yay you're back :)

I totally get what you mean. That's why I made my word count goal 30,000 words instead of 50,000 words. Maybe you could try something like that. :)


Cherry said...

i kno how you feel. I'm going to bail sometime, its just to hard and stressful.

Blue Jeans said...

Glad your back!!

P.S. This is Alex. Different Screen name ^.^

Emma said...

Totally understandable... that's what I'm doing. :)

Blue Jeans said...

:( Bye again...

Flamstorm said...

so bailing! would you like to follow my blog at and thanks and if you cant/dont want to or have any advise you can email me at