Smells Like Christmas

Christmas has a very nice smell, don't you think?

In fact, my house is smelling very Christmas-y at the moment.

It smells like cookies, warm, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

It smells like candles, holiday favorites. Fresh from Yankee Candle, North Pole, Red Apple Wreath, and Mistletoe scents.

It smells like sharp clean air that blows in from the outside and whistles around the house.

It smells like evergreen trees and wreaths.

It smells like a fresh hint of snow every time I step outside the door.

It smells like scotch tape, wrapping paper and multicolored ribbon.

It smells like the season, advent wreaths of purple and pink, and the the thought of hay in a manger and gifts of frankincense and  myrrh.

It smells like Christmas :)

(images via google images)

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The Golden Eagle said...

I love Christmas smells. :)