Show Day

Yesterday was our first marching band show of the season. Squee!!!! Very, very exciting.
We started off with a three hour practice at our own field, all rocking our band pants, and marching band shirts. If you can actually rock band pants....which I don't think is possible. 
Because they look very similar to this:

Ugly, right?
They don't look bad with the rest on the uniform, but during practice when we're not in full uniform....ugh. Who wants polyester bib pants?
Anyway, we had a long hard practice before loading up the buses and heading to the show, which was an hour and a half away.
We had about 20 minutes of down time before our warm-ups which unfortunately was spent in a ridiculously long bathroom line, but that was made better by seeing a bunch of my good friends from band camp. (YAY!)
After rushing back to the buses, we grabbed our uniforms - formal red and white jackets, black gloves and black aussie hats with large plumes. All of these were added to our black drill shoes and black bib pants. We got our instruments and headed to our warm-up area where we did block and some horn warm-ups before lining up for the show.
We went on a 7:15 so it was still fairly light, but there was enough evening dew on the grass to make it slippery, but no one fell during the performance. Our show was AWESOME. It went quite smoothly for a first show which means that by will be epic. And with three stars across the board for an excellent start and once again having the best rating of any band there, it was a good show.
After, we went back home and went straight to Friendly's for our traditional late-night show-night dinner. 
Very good times....can't wait for next weekend!


olivia said...

OH MY GOD. If you don't need those sick overalls anymore... PLEASE GIVE THEM HERE. They are SERIOUSLY sick.

olivia said...

Because *I* can rock those pants. Seriously. Just put on some wicked heels and liquid liner and it'd be so awesome... You know you want to give them to me... :P

Sally said... those aren't exactly my pants in the picture, two i don't own them because they belong to the music department, and three i need them for the rest of this year and two more years.

and they are gross and polyester and you would hate them.

Emma said...

Haha, Go marching band! Woo! Those pants are ridiculous and I hate wearing them.... But if it's what it takes to be in the band, I'm all for it. Our band only performs at home games for some reason, but soon we're going to a competition and we're playing Beatles songs. It's fun!

Erin said...

Bibbers are your sense of style! Afterall, ours have pockets in the front! I hope you do well in all of your competitions (Future and present!) :D