On The Field

The countdown has begun! Our first marching band show is on Saturday and those of us in the band are cramming sectionals, individual practice before the weekend and trying to get better and better so that we can come out with a smashing good performance on Saturday night. In fact we have a full ensemble practice tonight and I can guarantee that it will be an intense one. When it comes to regular practices, the toughest one are the ones before the first show and the ones in the week leading up to finals.
I'm pretty sure I can expect a lot of yelling tonight.

Anyway, as the season is well underway by now, I thought that I might go into a little more detail about the show itself and give you the original music so that you can see how it's put together. There's only one word to describe this year's show, and that word is EPIC.

We open with 'The Chase' from National Treasure. The first ten measures are done at a hold and are extremely loud. It's very big, very showy and very awesome.

We then move into the next part of the opener - 'Interrogation'. This part is very driving. It's fast and it builds in a very intense way from light woodwinds to a huge horn chorale.

The middle and ending of the opener, plus the ballad, and the closer to the drum solo are all parts of the song 'Ben'. This song features two ballad-like areas and also some really intense, driving, fast parts from the main theme.

From 'Ben' we move into drum solo and after that finishes, we're off and running with 'Titan Spirit', our final song from Remember The Titans. Whereas a lot of the National Treasure music was intense and minor pitched, 'Titan Spirit' is in a major key and has a lot of really cool little sports themes and the way we're doing it on the field even features a big football 'HUH!' from the band. It's fun.

So, that's our show, just arranged for our band.
It is So. So. Epic.

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